Circular approach information

Normally, we are accustomed to seeing the world according to a linear scheme, where a good is produced, used and finally disposed. The concept of circular economy aims to reintroduce in the process everything that was considered finished and no longer usable. In this vision, there are no wastes, but only new raw resources to enhance and to give a new life to.

In the food sector, the production and consumption system have the major impact in terms of gas emissions and water consumption. The reuse and upgrading of organic food waste processes aim at transforming food into a new energy and material resource. Recovering food waste therefore means drastically reducing the costs of landfill disposal and CO2 emissions.

Product information

Coffeefrom is the innovative bio-based material, a blend of recycled coffee grounds and biopolymers, 100% made in Italy.

Coffeefrom cups measure 5.7 cm in diameter and 6.2 cm in height. The saucer has a diameter of 12 cm.

Hand washing is recommended to keep the cups intact. They are also compatible with the washing machine using the ECO mode only.

The Coffeefrom material is very resistant, but we do not recommend heating the cups in the microwave.

Bio-based is not a synonym for recyclable. We want to promote the reuse culture; for this reason, all cups have been designed and produced to last long, even after an intense use. If you want to return you coffee cup, write us at we will process your request to transform your cup into new coffee-based pellets.

Coffeefrom cups are break proof, thanks to their resistant material and structure.

Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical often used for plastics and resins production in packaging. We created Coffeefrom in order to be BPA free to make our products as natural as possible.

Orders and shipping information

You can find Coffeefrom products in our official e-store.

We deliver to Italy and to E.U countries. For extra E.U shipments, contact us at

The shipping cost for Italy is € 4,90. For E.U countries the shipping cost is € 7.00; for extra E.U deliveries, contact us at info@coffeefrom

Once you get the products, you must check the integrity and number of packages. In case of an anomaly, please contact as soon as possible: we will replace the damaged or missing goods. Our customer service will inform you about the modality how to collect the damaged goods.


You faulty cup won't be wasted: we will tranform it into new coffee-based pellets in order to create new Coffeefrom products!

Orders received by 12.00 am will be processed immediately. Delivery is expected within 48 hours in Italy. For European countries the delivery is expected within 7 working days.